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Eastern District–New Fashion Experience
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Eastern District–Best Light Eats
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Promo video clips

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je ‘Outdoor Office’ series| Eastern District Ramble


Eastern District Development Association Director introduction to the‘Eastern District Ramble’Activity


Preparations for the July 27th ‘Eastern District Ramble Activity’


Documentary - Eastern District Ramble


Eastern District NEXT|Eastern District Rendezvous with Uğur Karlova


Eastern District Ramble: Kaili & Cookie on a Mission – Handsome Special Delivery


Must-try Gourmet


This luxuriously appointed Michelin-starred steakhouse features an open-kitchen format and state-of-the-art, Australian-made Beech ovens. Every premium steak is expertly selected, prepared, grilled, and served to perfection.

The Way

The Way serves up deceptively simple, freshly delicious meals prepared in its kitchens using the best local ingredients. Every menu item is seasoned to pique your palate. Taste the culinary artistry in every bite at The Way.

East Friedchicken

East Friedchicken uses only the best, carefully selected ingredients in its tasty menu of crisp-fried items. Fry oil is changed daily and all fried items are de-oiled on a high-speed centrifuge for a fresh, clean taste every time.

Jyojyo Jing Japanese Diner

This nomihōdai (all-you-can-drink) casual-dining izakaya serves up the best house beverages, sushi, kushiyaki, and Japanese hotpot!

Gekiyasu-no Jipeng Izakaya

Pair authentic kushiyaki (grilled kebab), stir-fries, and nabemono (hot pot) with bottomless servings of your favorite beer, sake, or plum wine. Second-to-none choice for inexpensive get-togethers with friends.

Beef-One Beef Noodles

Taiwanese beef noodles innovatively made with Japanese-style ramen-noodle flair. Honored with two-stars and a ‘best broth’ award at the 2018 Taipei International Beef Noodle Festival.

East District Hotspots

boven Magazine Library

boven is the world’s first ‘library bookstore’. Browse through the 40,000 books and periodicals available for purchase, including over 300 different magazines providing a steady stream of creative inspiration in the realms of design, art, fashion, photography, and more.


This boutique clothing & fashion experience, nestled along a quiet side street, specializes in Korean and handmade Taiwan casual clothing brands.

JUICE Taipei

JUICE Taipei, the first JUICE franchise outlet in Taiwan, was opened by pop fashion icon Edison Chen and Kevin Poon in 2010. Features clothing and accessory fashions reflecting the latest world-fashion trends.

The Warehouse Optical Taipei

This Hong Kong-based eyewear franchise offers more than high-quality handmade eyewear. Step in to experience their state-of-the-art optical instruments, world-class service, and second-to-none aftersales service.

TripMoment VR

TripMoment VR is a world pioneer at the crossroads of virtual reality and vacation getaways, offering customers a plethora of overseas VR vacation options. This Taipei outlet is pet friendly, so stop in now for a fun & friendly getaway!

Gentlemen Tailor

This three-decade professional tailor shop embodies the spirit of Japanese service. Gentlemen Tailor makes sure to ‘do the simple things perfectly’, elevating the ordinary to works of artistic excellence.

Lifestyle Guide

Fashionably East

From ‘fast fashion’ to premium, custom-tailored clothing, Taipei’s Eastern District has consistently been at the epicenter of Taiwan’s fashion scene. No matter where fashion trends head, the Eastern District is on top of it all.

Singularly East

Taipei’s Eastern District is peppered with trendsetting shops featuring handmade, one-of-a-kind brands designed to be in fashion today as well as tomorrow. Even with the explosion in online shopping, you will always find something unique here!

Stylishly East

The artistic and personable airs of the Eastern District reflect an innate sense of style. Turn down most any of the district’s alleyways to catch the idiosyncratic and energetic vibes of the boutique shops, restaurants, and cafés here.

Nostalgically East

Shops effervescing with the nostalgic feel of a bygone era can still be found in Taipei’s Eastern District. Distinctively Eastern ambiance and classical Chinese décor open the door to a trip back in time.

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